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USMWF is created of empathetic family member victims that have an understanding of the devastation of the unexpected loss of someone due to a preventable work related incident. We know how important it is to each of us to honor, remember and recognize our fallen workers through multiple events such as Workers' Memorial Day, memorial dontations, parades and much more.


The voice to making a difference.  Many times it is the true, personal experiences that can make a difference to make important changes of prevention and improving current standards, regulations and compensations. Many family member victims have requested Proclamation requests to recognize Workers' Memorial Day, Grain Safety Week, Safe + Sound Week, Trench Safety and more in their state.  They have testified on important Workers' Compensation laws improving current burial benefits and rights as family member victims.  

USMWF has proudly invited and taken multiple family members to join us in Washington DC to meet with their Representatives their loved one's tragic incident to gain awareness to the importance of workplace safety standards and regulations.


USMWF hosts many events to gain awareness to workplace safety to prevent work related incidents.  USMWF has hosted free Safety Training Conference in Nebraska where over 50 workers received training on important safety topics including trench safety, confined spaces, lock-out-tag-out, Stop-The-Bleed and they became certified in First Aid, CPR and AED Training.  USMWF has is preparing for their third Beat the Heat this 2020 Summer. In 2019, thanks to the kind donation from Sam's Club we were able to distribute over 2000 bottles of water and important safety tips while working in the heat.