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usmef postcardUSMWF is a support group made up of empathetic families who have been there and understand the emotions and questions you may have regarding the loss of your family member. We know and understand the devastation which takes place in the mind, body and soul and we strive to help you and others from having to go through both the grieving process and investigative process alone.

It is important that you know you are not alone.

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The Cost of Construction

MarkThe Cost of Construction investigates a string of controversial deaths that took place on the Las Vegas strip between 2007 and 2008 with a focus on the tragic accidents that occurred on MGM's CityCenter, the most expensive private construction project in US History. The film follows two very personal stories of families dealing with the loss of their loved ones over the course of 6 years. A gruff Ironworker who loses his brother and a mother who loses her son. Both take on a system that is hard to navigate and filled with blame, money and partisan politics. Yet they don't stop until they can make sure this won't happen to other families.

The film unfolds to look at the complex issues facing worker safety not only in Las Vegas and the Construction industry but on a national level revealing a pattern of ineffective regulations, lax oversight, and dangerous negligence at the highest corporate and government levels, exposing a national safety system where 10-14 people die each day around America.

Rent or Buy it Directly Here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thecostofconstruction
Official Movie Website:

Working It


MarkASSE Family Scholarship Fund

The Family Scholarship Fund, open to spouses and children, will provide college funding to minimize the financial impact of their loss while encouraging continuing education. This will allow us to assist families in achieving educational goals, crucial for long-term stability.

Click here to apply to the

Family Scholarship Fund

DanNicFaces Campaign

 It is true, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Our loved ones are not just another statistics. They are so much more than that.  Our pictures truly tell everyone that they were not just a work place death but someone left a family behind and were truly loved. Would you like to honor and share your loved one by adding a picture to our Faces Campaign that is seen by many across the United States on our website, social media, posters, mailouts, and at conferences in which we attend? You can do so by visiting this page.

JohnJohn Newquist

John retired from OSHA as Assistant Regional Administrator, he is a proud member of the US Navy Atlantic Intelligence Command with an Honorable Discharge and activist provides us once a month with a safety presentation.  John has also joined the USMWF Board and he produces monthly power point presentations



USMWF is always looking for Volunteers to help us gain awareness about workplace fatalities and injuries and offered support to family members across the United States. We have a wide rang of activities such as speaking, writing letters, helping with events, hosting events and much more. We already have some Wonderful Volunteers.



  • As young children in preschool or even as a toddler we learn consequences. If a teacher does not do their best to keep the students in their class safe and learning parents and even state officials step in and change policies. Why is it as adults in a workplace our employers not made to keep their workers safe. They can be as simple as protective equipment or extensive training on regulations.
    – Nicole Holmes Boone
  • I lost my brother simply because fixing a dangerous boiler was in CVR's 5 year plan. Yet that boiler had been in operation since 1959. We lost a great man because they didn't want to spend the money to fix it. There should be no acceptable risk in the workplace. Russell Mann 1967-2012.
    – Genevia Mann-Haley
  • When I lost my son, Zach in 2013 I was contacted by Mr. Wally and told about USMWF. The people are wonderful and understand what you are going through. Through them I have talked to and stay in touch with other families and they help and I hope I help as well. Thank you all!
    – Linda Clanton McCardle
  • Still have problems with the reality. After this happened I knew from experience where the investigation was going and the "penalties" as well. I am grateful for the work USMWF does and how Tammy and crew have provided support. DCS
    – Donald Coit Smith
  • Special thank to Tammy for all the times you took to listen to me. Want to share with Brittany will be graduating from college on Thursday. One of many milestones in life - bittersweet moment that her dad is not her to see but happy that life goes on. Those taken too soon will always be remembered forever more with their footprints left on our hearts.
    – Sharon Nichols
  • I can never say enough about how wonderful this organization is and how much I admire Tammy and her staff for this deeply meaningful service. On behalf of the National Association of Safety Professionals and its thousands of members I salute the USMWF.
    – Tom Hardin, President NASP
  • If nothing else USMWF opened my eyes. Of course I knew people died on the job. What I didn't know until my husband Doug died and I joined the ranks is how many. I honestly had no idea. To also have someone who shared my outrage that the news of Doug's accident was somehow kept out of the papers and off the news. Shared in my frustration at how the employer can reduce the fines imposed by OSHA. And understood my anger about the number of times employers are permitted to appeal. It's nice to have someone who listens and understands. It still breaks my heart how the size of this group grows daily and the continued lack of regard for safety companies continue to have.
    – Tina Tout
  • USMWF has helped me get through a tough time. I lost my son's father/ex husband, and USMWF showed me that I wasn't alone. I love how every year they light up the page during Christmas to keep loved ones, lost in a work accident that could've been prevented, alive! I've also met some great people!
    – Michelle Dunn




There are approximately 12-14 workers that are fatally injured each day in the U.S. due to a preventable work related incident.

While USMWF has been honored to become the voice of our fallen workers and their families. We help direct families where to go, what to do, how to be heard. We welcome them to turn to us and we work together for changes.

This Workers' Memorial Day we need your help to:

* Bring families from around the country to Washington DC to speak from their hearts about needed changes at the Federal level this April.

* Host multiple Workers' Memorial Day Event on April 28, 2017 candlelight vigil, FREE safety training to over 50 workers that will learn CPR/First Aid/AED and time for families to meet others that have an understanding of what they are going through.; and

* Your donation is greatly appreciated and can help families and workers across the U.S. You can give a tax deductible donation online at http://www.usmwf.org/catalog.html, or send a your donation to USMWF at the above address.


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