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USMWF is a support group made up of empathetic families who have been there and understand the emotions and questions you may have regarding the loss of your family member. We know and understand the devastation which takes place in the mind, body and soul and we strive to help you and others from having to go through both the grieving process and investigative process alone.

It is important that you know you are not alone.

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The Faces Campaign

How many words does it take to peer into the eyes of tragedy or feel the heartache and pain that is set in motion after our loved one was lost?

The "Faces Campaign" was launched January 1, 2009 and is intended to give workplace fatalities a face, gain awareness and educate workers, employees, organizations and our government.

Mark Your Calendars!


USMWF's 2018 campaign was a great success and in 2019 we truly want to help many more workers who work in our hazardous heats.  More details to come so please keep checking back.

What: 35th Annual Safety & Health Summit;
When: November 8, 2018
Where: Ramada Plaza* | 3321 S 72 nd Street | Omaha, NE

Thurs. September 27
Great Plains Safety & Health Org., Kearney, NE;

Sat. October 6
Harvest of Harmony Parade, Grand Island, NE;

Fri. October 26
AGC of Kentucky 10th Annual Safety Conference, Louisville, KY;

November 27-29
2018 MRASH Conference, Council Bluffs, IA;



Jim Spencer

Families In The News..

Families find few answers to “why?”-Equipment World: By: Marcia Gruver Doyle

“They weren’t trained properly”-
Equipment World: By: Marcia Gruver Doyle

“What were they blocking out?”- Equipment World: By: Marcia Gruver Doyle

“There is nothing we could do” - Equipment World: By: Marcia Gruver Doyle
"Organization aids family members of those killed on job"-News and Tribune.
by: Chris Morgan

"Nebraska Firm and Its Owners Hit With Criminal Charges in Blast That Killed 2 Workers" By Stuart Silverstein on August 24, 2018


Supporting USMWF

USMWF invites you to STAND STRONG and BRAVE together.

Support USMWF with a purchase from Bravelets, 25% of your purchase will be donated to USMWF.

Your support will help USMWF strive to support, honor, prevent and educate our community of workplace safety.

We know and understand the devastation which takes place in the mind, body and soul and we help family member victims from having to go through both the grieving process and investigative process alone.

Going to Work Should Not Be A Grave Mistake and together we can make a difference.


Jim Spencer

Keep Up with USMWF 



USMWF is always looking for Volunteers to help us gain awareness about workplace fatalities and injuries and offer support to family members across the United States. We have a wide range of activities such as speaking, writing letters, helping with events, hosting events and much more. We already have some Wonderful Volunteers. 

 Safety Resources

Grain handling fatalities were up in 2016 despite extensive outreach from originations such as USMWF and OSHA's emphasis program. The leading causes of fatalities are engulfment, falls, and entanglement.

With the support of The Public Welfare Foundation and CS-CASH USMWF has created a Grain Handling Safety video to help review procedures and the importance of grain handling safety. 

Grain Handling Fatalities Up in 2016, Purdue Study Finds By Bruce Rolfsen

Grain Handling Safety

Workplace Fatalities In The News


Lost Workers Highlighted

Forever Remembered


Patrick Bachtell, 31


Cody Bragg, 23


Jeff Burnham, 40