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USMWF offers support, guidance and resources to those affected by preventable work-related deaths or serious injuries. We strive to prevent workplace incidents by gaining attention to work related incidents.

Our family member victims are committed to taking their tragedy, something so negative and turning it into something positive by gaining attention to workplace hazards and concerns in the workforce.

Families Making a Difference

With the sponsorships of many USMWF each year invites a group of family member victims to join us in Washington, DC to share their loved one's incident with their Representatives and many other important entities gaining attention to current issues and concerns in the workforce.
The average cost per family member is approximately $1,200.00. We have added several sponsorship options, every little bit helps the families fight the good fight, gaining awareness to workplace safety and turning something so negative into something positive. 

Thank You for your Support and Trust.
Together we can make a difference.
You can show your support by either a one time donation or year round with very little effort?
Now you can donate via PayPal. PayPal will automatically collect payments, no need to set it up with a bank or even have a PayPal account.
You want to cancel there is no hassle because PayPal does it for you in just a few clicks.


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