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peopleFred G. (Bear) Ware Jr., 59

Fred was killed in January 2006 while working at the International Coal Group's at the Sago Mine, Buckhannon, West Virginia. He was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning/explosion.

This photo was sent in by his Daughter, Peggy Cohen.

----He and 11 other men died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

MSHA investigated the disaster and did not identify any contributing violations and assessed no penalties.

~ 1947 - 1/2/2006 ~


peopleChad Louis Weller, 21

Chad was killed in March 2014 while working for Redwing Electric LLC (Fairfield, New Jersey)at the Eastern District police station and a fire station in Pasadena, Maryland. He died after he fell from a 200-foot water tower.

The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Program (MOSH) is inspecting the case is ongoing.

This photo was sent in by his mother, Kathy Pierce.

---- Chad was the most loving son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, boyfriend and friend. He had the most amazing personality that lite up any room he walked in. He wanted so much to join the Navy and had set a goal to do that this summer, but sadly that never took place due to his tragedy He was always there to pick up anyone that was feeling down and put a smile back on their face, he had a heart of gold, Chad loved the work he was doing, I remember him telling me that he felt so peaceful when he was up on the towers, he loved fishing, crabbing, hunting and his new pick up truck. Chad is greatly missed by many but his memory lives on through all who loved him.

~ 10/26/92 - 03/19/14 ~


peopleJason T West, 52

Jason was killed in December 2014 while working for Hi-Way Paving in Logan, Ohio. He died while he was paving the airport at BWI Airport and was caught in an auger.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $4,450.00 penalty. This case is still open.

Inspection: 1011039.015 - Hi-Way Paving, Inc.

This photo was sent in by his daughter Rosie and Jeremy Fraley.

---- He was a loving father, son, brother, uncle, friend and husband. He loved mushroom hunting, fishing, and just relaxing with a beer in his hand. I am his daughter Leslie (Rosie) Fraley. Taken from me, I'm sitting here in my room, looking at your picture. Wondering why you couldn't be a part of my future. Uncontrollable tears stream down my face, while my heart beat starts to race. Asking God why he took you from my life, it was more painful than stabbing me in the heart with a knife. I still needed you here you were the one to make everything so clear. you are a part of me and I am a part of you when you died a part of me died too. I never knew how hard it was to lose someone you love until the day you went to heaven above. Even though I can't see, I know your up there watching over me. I miss you more and more everyday and all I can do is pray. In my heart you shall forever remain. In memory of my dad, If I could write a story It would be the greatest ever told Of a kind and loving father Who had a heart of gold If could write a million pages But still be unable to say, just how Much I love and miss him Every single day I will remember all he taught me I'm hurt but won't be sad Because he'll send me down the answers And he'll always be MY DAD .

 ~ 6/16/1962 - 12/1/2014 ~


peopleJason Weston, 41

Jason was killed in March 2016 while working for CPI in Hayland, Nebraska. The incident is still under investigation but it is believed that he died due to asphyxiation caused by the safety harness.

Federal OSHA is currently investigating the incident.

Inspection: 1133334.015 - Cooperative Producers, Inc. - Hayland

This photo was sent in by his Family.

~ 12/14/1974 - 3/16/2016 ~


peopleDamien Whipple, 24

Damien was killed in September 2009 while working for Rescar Industries in Gordon, Georgia. He died he fell off of a train onto the tracks and was pinned under another train while switching rail cars.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $32,000.00 penalty for nine serious violations. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced to $1,600.00 for four serious violations and one other.

Inspection: 312527617 - Rescar Industries, Inc.

This photo was sent in by his sister Kima Whipple-Jackson.

---- He is deeply missed by his mother, sisters and brothers, family and friends. We know he is resting with God.

~ 6/15/1985 - 7/10/2009 ~


peopleWyatt Whitebread, 14     

Wyatt was killed in July 2011 while working for Haasbach LLC, in Mount Carroll, Illinois. He was killed when he was engulfed by grain. Alex Pacas, 19 was also killed and Will Piper, 20, injured.

OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $555,000.00 penalty for willful violations, serious violations and one other than serious violation. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced $200,000.00 for twelve willful violations, twelve serious violations and one other than serious violation. There was and additional penalty from Wage and Hour of $68,235.00.

Inspection: 314037433 - Haasbach, L.L.C.

This photo was sent in by his parents Gary and Carla Whitebread.

~ 7/20/2011 ~

peopleRandy Wilson, 50

Randy was killed in in June 2012 while working for Clean Fuels of Indiana, Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina. He died after he was struck by a vehicle testing fuel at a BP gas station in a manhole.

NCDOL investigated the incident and proposed a $5,600.00 penalty for two serious violations. these were not reduced.

Inspection: 316364843 - Clean Fuels Of Indiana Inc Dba Clean Fuels National

This photo was sent in by his mother Bess.

---- To see more about Randy

~ 3/8/1962 -7/13/2012 ~

peopleTim Wilson, 49     

Tim was killed in January 2010 while working for Cargill Meat Solutions (Excel Specialty Products) in Nebraska City, Nebraska. He died when a hydraulic lift tipped and he fell 20 ft.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed $9,500.00 penalty. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced to $7,000.00.

Inspection: 314053406 - Cargill Meat Solutions.

This photo was sent in by his widow Jana Wilson. ----Article here and here.

~ 5/2/1960 - 1/30/2010 ~

peopleScott S. Winkler, 50

Scott was killed on the job in December 2013 while working for Precision (based out of Congers, New York) in Monroe, New York. He died when a wall collapsed and crushed him.

OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $14,000.00 penalty for two serious violations. They are contesting the penalties and violations.

Timothy Lang, 53 was lost and Rafael Zakota, 37 was injured in this incident.

Inspection: 950705.015 - Precision Concrete Pumping, Inc.

This photo was sent by his daughter Brittany Winkler.

---- Scott S. Winkler was a 30-year member of the International Union of Operating Engineers. Scott was killed from a workplace incident. He was pouring concrete when a retaining wall collapsed. Both him and his coworker were trapped beneath the wall. His coworker was pronounced dead when his body was recovered by rescuers at the scene. Scott was flown to the hospital where he suffered from many injuries for 8 days before losing his life.

OSHA completed their investigation and they cited the general contractor, for two (2) serious violations. The first violation was issued because three braces to support the formwork that workers were pouring concrete into were missing, leading the structure to collapse, according to the citation notice. The second violation was issued for not having the drawings for the formwork on the construction site. Serious violations are issued for hazardous conditions that could result in death or serious physical harm in substantial probability. Each violation at the site carries a $7,000 fine, the maximum amount for a serious violation.

~ 1/3/1963 ~ 12/10/2013 ~

peopleStephen Paul Woods,41

Stephen was killed on the job in November 2014 while working for Weaver & Weaver Construction in Guntersville, Alabama. He died when a pile driver hit him in the head.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $2,000.00 penalty for one other than serious violation. The case is closed.

Inspection: 1006368.015 - Weaver & Weaver Construction

This photo was sent by his daughter Brittany Winkler.

---- This was my Husband of 22 yrs, Stephen Paul Woods, of Albertville Alabama. Stephen was tragically killed November 3rd, 2014 at work, while working for Weaver & Weaver construction., Guntersville, Alabama. Stephen had worked with them most of his life. He leaves behind, His wife, Amy, his 3 children, Austin, Anna-Scott, & Jessica., His Mom, Nell Woods, & several brothers, sisters, Nieces, & Nephews, along with lots of friends. His employer claims he has No insurance coverage, and has not 1 attempt 2 C if his wife or Children have been N need of ANYTHING since the accident, not 1 phone call from them. Meanwhile, his wife's vehicle has been repoed, her credit score has took a landslide, 2 where she cannot get any loans 2 combine her debts, or at least keep her credit score to the good.  NOT even gonna mention Christmas for the kids. Or School.

~ 1/3/1963 ~ 11/3/2014 ~

peopleThomas "Tom" Edward Wooten, 56

Tom was killed in July 2016 while working for Northfield NH Department of Public Works in New Hampshire. He died after he was caught in between the tractor and the trailer he and co-workers were moving.

This case is not in OSHA's jurisdiction.

This photo was sent in by his daughter Samantha Wooten.


~ 11/5/59 - 7/21/16 ~