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peopleDavid James Taylor, 44

David was killed in September 2010 while working at Bryan Zehr Logging in Redfield , New York. He died after he was pinned between to felled logs.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $17,400.00 penalty for sixteen serious violation and one other than serious violation. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced to $2,000.00 for three serious violations and one other than serious violation.

Inspection: 314347287 - Bryan Zehr Logging

This photo was sent in by his parents Karen and Jim Taylor.

~ 11/18/74 - 9/28/10 ~

peopleDonald R. "Don" Tentler, 47

Donald was killed in February 2017 while working for Identity Services in Geneva, Illinois. He died after being pinned by a lifting device while installing a sign on a bell tower at the shopping center and suffocated. He was a proud member of the IBEW Union Local #701

IDOL currently has no information available.


~ 3/28/1969 – 2/3/2017 ~

peopleCody Ryan Thorp, 24

Cody was killed in June 2015 while working at ThorSports Farm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He died after he was pinned beneath a Polaris ATV.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $4,000.00 penalty for one serious violation. The penalty or violation was not reduced.

Inspection: 1067410.015 - Thorsport Inc

This photo was sent in by his Mother Julie Wanstedt.

~ 6/16/1990 - 6/1/2015 ~

peopleJose Torres Sr., 65

Jose was killed in June 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. He was crushed between a forklift and a wall.

This photo was sent in by Maria Torres. ----To view full memorial click here.


~ 5/12/1942 - 6/19/2007 ~

peopleDouglas Tout, 44

Douglas was killed on the job in September 2013 while working for Joel Cornelius Enterprises in Harrison, Ohio. He fell off a roof and passed away the next day.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $8,400.00 penalty for one repeat violation. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced to $6,000.00 for one repeat violation. Failure To Provide Fall Protection.

Inspection: 941667.015 - Joel Cornelius Enterprises, Inc.

This photo was sent in by his widow Tina Tout

~ 3/28/1969 - 9/18/2013 ~

peopleRandy Tribitt

Randy was killed in July 2004 while working at Little Britches Rodeo/Buffington Rodeo Co. in Hillman, Minnesota. He was killed when he was crushed while saving a 13 yr. old. This photo was sent in by his widow Diane Tribitt.

---- "NO MAN STANDS SO TALL AS WHEN HE STOOPS TO HELP A CHILD” This is a photo of my husband, Randy Tribitt, who died assisting a young bronc rider to safety at a Little Britches Rodeo in Elk River, MN on July 4, 2004. The bronc turned and crashed into them, causing Randy and his horse to crash into the arena ground. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The 13-year old bronc rider was uninjured. Randy was a volunteer pick-up man for the Buffington Rodeo Co. Randy has always been my hero. He was a true friend and soul mate. He made me laugh and taught me love. He is a true cowboy. I love him and miss him so much. Diane.

~ 3/15/1950 - 7/4/2004 ~

peopleThomas Turner, 44

Thomas was killed in June 2012 while he was working for VTC/Vegas Tunner Constructors, operated by Impregio Int. in Las Vegas, NV. He died when a pressurized blast of grout, mud and fist-sized rocks struck him.

Inspection: 316003078 - Vegas Tunnel Constructors

This photo was sent in by his sister Vicky Fisher. ----Thomas Turner was killed on 6/11/2012 while working in the Lake Mead tunnel (VTC / Vegas tunnel constructors) operated by Impregio int. A segment Thomas was working on exploded because of ground pressure and improper inspection of the segment bolts along with several safety issues that were over looked by the inspectors for the Lake Mead intake tunnel. There had been several complaints by him and fellow work for weeks prior leading up to his death. Our other brother Paul still works in the same tunnel. Right now the union works are still not feeling safe about the tunnel and many safety issues still exist and are not being addressed. Several people have walked off and refused to return, they all say its a matter of time before the ground gives way and more miners are killed.

~ 12/22/1968 - 6/11/2012 ~

peopleKevin Douglas Turpin, 39

Kevin was killed on the job in April, 2013 while working for Brandon McIntosh (dba) in Richmond, Kentucky. Kevin died after he was struck by a tree. Brandon Lamb Mcintosh was not licensed or insured.

Kentucky OSH Inspection is still open Inspection: 316916469 - Brandon Lamb Mcintosh Dba Brandon Lamb Mcintosh

This photo was sent in by his mother Brenda Cooke. ----My Son, My Life, My Breath Kevin was a gently and loving son. He was dedicated and loyal to those he believed in. If Kevin thought you needed the shirt off his back more than he did, you would have it. Kevin was funny, loved music and animals. He tried to find humor in all the bad things that happened in his life. Kevin had crossed paths with many people some good, some bad, and through his short 39 years he had more pain than anyone that age should endure. But Kevin was strong willed (just like his mom) determined to get up and shake the dust off and go on. Kevin was a hard worker and no matter how big or small the job was he put total pride in each and every step seeing it through to the finish. Kevin was finally at a point in his life that changing was important, he would call me up and say mom, I prayed about this today. I would be so proud and let him know prayer works and to keep praying.

~~ 10/21/1973 - 04/15/2013 ~