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peopleHenry Andrus Nelson, 51

Henry was killed in August 2015 while working for Sunset Police Department in Sunset, Louisiana. He died when he was shot in the line of duty.

This is out of OSHA's jursidiction.

This photo was sent in by his sister Patricia Ann Bumcon.

~ 1964-8/26/2015 ~


peopleKevin Scott Noah, 42

Kevin was killed in August 2001 while working for Himmick/Obayashi/Golden Gate Bridges Seismic Retrofit in San Fransico, California. He died when he fell off the Golden Gate Bridge.

CalOSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $26,025.00 penalty for three serious violations and three other than serious. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced $0.00 and no violations.

Inspection: 125613836 - Shimmick Obayashi.

This photo was sent in by his soul mate Mary Vivenzi.

To see more about Kevin.

~ 7/5/1960 - 8/13/2002 ~