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Tributes I


peopleJesse Jay Inman, 29

Jesse was killed on the job in September 2011 while working at Hanifen Towing in Des Moines, Iowa. He was killed when he was crushed between his wrecker and a semi as he was hooking the semi up.

This is not in OSHA's jurisdiction.

This photo was sent in by his widow Lisa.

------My husband Jesse Inman was a heavy duty tow truck driver for Hanifen Towing in Des Moines Iowa. On September 13 he was assisting a broke down semi on the side of the interstate. Him and his co-worker and also the man they were towing were struck by a Semi that failed to move over and clipped one of the Semi's causing a chain reaction. My husband was smashed in between his wrecker and the semi he was hooking up to, He died before help arrived. Here is a link to the tribute that was put on by the towing community from all around the state of Iowa.

~ 5/24/82 - 9/13/11 ~


peopleJeffery Alan Isaac Jr, 31

Jeffery Alan Isaac was killed on the job in April 2007 while working at JE Higgins Lumber Warehouse in Reno, Nevada. He was killed when 1400 lbs of lumber fell on him.

Nevada OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $11,200.00 penalty for two serious violations. In an informal settlement the Jeffery penalty was reduced to $5,600.00 for one serious violation.

Inspection: 310944822 - Higgins Hardwoods.

This photo was sent in by his mother Carolyn Isaac.

----To see more about Jeffery

~ 4/21/1975 - 4/18/2007 ~

peopleBrian Steven Isdell, 55

Brian was killed on the job in August 2009 while working for Nelson Trucking in Mountain City, Tennessee. He was attacked by teens which caused a heart attack.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $280.00 penalty for one other than serious violation. The penalty was not reduced.

This photo was sent in by his Niece Jessica Miles

----Brian was killed while long haul trucking and was pulled over in a parking lot when he was attacked by two teens and had a heart attack; he worked for Nelson Trucking Company, Mountain City, TN. He died from a heart attack following a violent attack by criminals. Truck driver’s brother speaks out.

~ 4/30/1954 - 8/20/2009 ~