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Thomas "Tom" Zahnow, 50

Thomas was injured on the job in September 2014 while working for Axiall Corp. in Martinsville, West Virginia and he passed away October 2014. He died while replacing a faulty on on at tank valve conationng liquid caustic soda was released burning Tom, James Starkey and Douglas Carson.

Federal OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $21,000 penalty for three serious violations. The violations are under contest.

Inspection: 997653.015 - Eagle Natrium, Llc

This photo was sent in by his widow Holly Zahnow

~ 3/17/1964 - 10/1/2014 ~


peopleRalph "Avery" Zorn, 59

Avery was injured on the job in January 2015 while working for Macuch Steel Products, Inc. of Augusta, Georgia as a Maintenance Manager when an overhead crane bumped the scissor lift, he was operating, tipping it to the ground. He was approximately 22.7 feet from ground level changing out light fixtures.  

OSHA investigated and proposed a penalty of $9,800 for 2 Serious violations. The fines were reduced to $3,290.00 for 1 Serious violation.

Inspection: 1018890.015 - Macuch Steel Products Inc.

This photo was sent in by his daughter Leslie Crawford

~1/15/2015 ~