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In Loving Memory of Randy Wilson, 50

Randy was born March 8, 1962 Robert & Bess Wilson at the Well community hospital in Wells County. He was killed June 13th 2012 in North Carolina. He attended Southern Well High School at Montpelier’s Indiana & Graduated in 1980.Randy went to the Navy August 1980 and served on the U.S.S. Forrestal (aircraft carrier) as a gunner mate and special communications specialist. He also served on the U.S.S. Hunley (submarine tender) a supply ship in Danoon Scottland. Where he met Christine Jones and married.

Randy was always a prankster from childhood. He got his brother Larry to eat dog food. He told him “Mom made beef stew and it is very good” Larry ate it until he reached the bottom of the bowl and found a dog biscuit. From then the race was on. There were not many dull moments at the Wilson household. He was a great artist. His senior year he drew the Raiders mascot on the gym wall which is still there today. He also drew a Christmas card knowing how much I loved cards. He placed it in the center of my display. It was satin clause with bombs exploding in it. Which was cute until his nephew took it to school. The principal did not find it funny and felt it was devil worship and Randy found that humorous. He also built beautiful furniture, entertainment centers for his cousin Greg. He remodeled their basement and family room with pocket doors. He never visited without bringing me 5 bags of gummy bears or worms for his great nieces and nephews. All we ever heard was Uncle Randy and rode his shoulders around the house. He had a German Sheppard named Chaos that he clearly loved and talked about getting two more to name Panic and Disorder. Chaos obeyed everything he told her. He even had her saying “I love you”. She was his baby.

He was a very caring and loving person. Always willing to help people out whether he knew them or not. Many people told me how he had stopped to help them when they were in need. One older gentleman said he stopped & helped him put in a window that he was having problems with. This was our Randy he was always ready to help.

Randy was also a wonderful cook and would put many women to shame. But he dirtied lots of pots and pans which mom could always wash. He always served his Hot Crap Dip at holidays.