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John Newquist Power Points

FY2014 for construction and general industry Most frequently cited for FY2014 for construction and general industry. I want to thank the OSHA people who work hard in getting the data together. This is much more expansive than what OSHA gives to the public in speeches. PDF Construction PDF General industry

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Fire Safety This month’s draft powerpoint is Fire Safety. This is what I used for the one hour session at SIOSH. Oct was fire prevention month.

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Top 2015 issues for contractors. Most sites are excellent for safety and have no accidents. The sites do have hazards though. I am surprised how many of these same hazards occur on these $100 million dollar projects.

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Falls in construction This power point is falls in construction. This in the OSHA 10 Hour class for 75 minutes to 2 hours. I works well using the CWPR ladder video as an exercise to focus on ladder training.

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Scaffold Safety Supported Scaffold Safety PDF & News, OSHA Citations & Penalties & Major Issues

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Introduction to Safety Introduction to Safety. John used parts in the OSHA 10 hour classes. John has had numerous requests for this PowerPoint and finds it hard to only talk two hours on OSHA in these classes.

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Improving Your Incident Investigations Ten Common Mistakes to Avoid This PDF covers near misses, precursors to larger issue. This pdf includes identifying root causes, training, reports, fact finding, interviews and much more.

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