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If you have reached this page you have probably received a post card or flyer and we would like to welcome you to our family.

USMWF began in 2003 after Tammy Miser lost her brother in a workplace explosion.  USMWF gained 501(c)3 not for profit status in 2008.  Along with a team of dedicated volunteers and professionals USMWF offers support, guidance and resources to those affected by preventable work-related deaths or serious injuries.

Dear Friend,

Recently, you suffered the loss of a loved one, due to a workplace fatality.  At this time, there is nothing anyone can say or do to ease the pain.  The trauma involved in such an incident is beyond the “normal” grieving process.  When a workplace tragedy occurs, there is a terrible sense of injustice, bewilderment, disbelief, sometimes anger – all combined with feelings of horror, loss and pain.  This confusing and conflicting array of emotions happens at the same time you are trying to “come to terms with” the fact the tragedy happened.  You feel no one can relate to the tragedy you have been through.  The grief and feelings of loneliness are overwhelming.  You are not alone though.  There are many others out there in the same position as you.  We know the devastation, which takes place in the mind, body and soul.  Your loved one is not forgotten – he/she is in the hearts and minds of many.

USMWF is a support group made up of empathetic families who have been where you are.  We can help bear your load in your time of need. We strive to help you and others from having to go through both the grieving process and investigative process alone. We are not a counseling or legal service – just people who have also suffered the loss of a loved one at the workplace and who can provide you the unique insight that comes with experience and understanding.


Getting Information You Need

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USMWF can offer practical insight and experience as to what to expect, how to obtain the various reports, how to stay involved and informed during these processes. Members can share how they have used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, the legislative process and other tools to get through these confusing procedures.

To insure these needs are met USMWF offers support, guidance and resources for family, friends and co-workers of individuals who died from a work-related cause, and provides families of workplace tragedies need and deserve hope, answers, direction, support, and acknowledgment.

You will also find “The Faces Campaign.” The Facescues Campaign is intended to give workplace fatalities a face, gain awareness, educate workers, employees, organizations and our government. We invite you to add your loved one to “The Faces Campaign.”

USMWF makes posters of our lost loved ones and they travel with us as we speak to various audiences around the country. We speak before area, regional and state OSHA offices, Federal and State congressional hearings, any organization that has a common goal.  We have traveled to Washington DC for Workers Memorial Day where we carry along our “Faces” as we walk along Capitol Hill and the Department of Labor.  Posters are also proudly displayed in the Federal OSHA offices and conference rooms in Washington DC.


Tammy Miser


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