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Faces Campaign

How many words does it take to peer into the eyes of tragedy or feel the heartache and pain that is set in motion after our loved one was lost?

The "Faces Campaign" was launched January 1, 2009 and is intended to give workplace fatalities a face, gain awareness and educate workers, employees, organizations and our government.

We invite you to add the face of your loved one that you lost due to a workplace incident. Email your photo to (subject line: Faces Campaign) with the following information: Feel free to provide as much information of your loved one. You may also opt to make a full page such as in Jeffery Isaac Jr. here.

*Note the better quality photo the more likely we will be able to blow the photo up for our banners and posters.

Jeffery Alan Isaac

Jeffery Alan Isaac

Jeffery Alan Isaac, 31 was killed on the job in April 2007 while working at JE Higgins Lumber Warehouse in Reno, Nevada. He was killed when 1400 lbs of lumber fell on him.

Nevada OSHA investigated the incident and proposed a $11,200.00 penalty for two serious violations. In an informal settlement the penalty was reduced to $5,600.00 for one serious violation.

Inspection: 310944822 - Higgins Hardwoods.

This photo was sent in by his mother Carolyn Isaac.