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Thank You for all the support in 2018!

USMWF is a non-profit organization that offers support, guidance and resources to families that have forever been affected by a preventable work related incident.

We are able to reach out to many families across the United States and offer them support because of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and donations from individual donors, along with grants from the Public Welfare Foundation and UNMC-Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health.

USMWF would like to recognize the following individuals and organizations for their continued support.

Plat mamebeship

Members who have donated $1,000.00 or more.

Nebraska State AFL-CIO;


Vigil/Safety Training/Family Dinner: Nebraska AFL-CIO; Lincoln Central Labor Union; AFSCME Local 2468; NALC, Branch No. 8: Super Saver; Raising Canes;



Members who have donated $500 to $999.

Diane Lillicrap;

NALC, Branch No. 8;

Billboard Sponsors:

Powers Law
Bear Frame & Alignment Service, Inc.;
ComfortCare Homes;
Cheryl Spencer;


Members who have donated $101 to $499.

AFSCME Local 2468;


Carolyn Isaac;

Cheryl Spencer;

Cynthia Hess;

Jeanne Blomberg;

LeeAnna Mann;

Lincoln Central Labor Union;

Naveen Sangji;

ComfortCare Homes;

Bear Frame & Alignment Service, Inc.;

Powers Law;

Allison Weston;


Members who have donated up to $100.00.

Angela Bennett;

Beverly Williams;

John Newquist;

Johna Lovely;

Larrissa Parde;

Linda Weston;

Marcella Schwartz;

Mary Dozois;

Maya Nye;

Myra Donnelley;

Raising Canes;

Richard Gonzalez;

Rosanne Milligan;

Stacey Hattendorf;

Wanda DeJesus;

Super Saver;

Mary Chris Rodiguez;


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