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In Loving Memory Of Andreas H. Vionis

Words are insufficient to describe the emptiness in our lives and the pain in our hearts since the night you were taken. The tears have not stopped. I’ve been to the place where you took your last breath. I’ve held in my hands the cable you held that night. I’ve asked God to send you back because we still need you here; because I still need you; because your two boys still need you; but He hasn’t. I dreamed about you the other night. You were in my kitchen and I started to cry. You mocked my crying face in the silly way that I imagined you would when we were kids. Then I asked you if you missed anyone. You didn’t utter a word, but you shook your head “no.” So I asked again, “no one?” You smiled and again shook your head “no.” Those left behind, can’t say the same. We miss you! We miss you terribly and the tears won’t stop flowing. Our hearts ache as we remain in the presence of your absence until we meet again in the clouds. I want you back my little brother!