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The healing starts with a tiny spark ... a glimmer of hope. For a family who has lost a loving parent or sibling tragically the hope and healing is a long road and the path begins with you and your support.

The 13 You Help Daily!

Each day we lose 13 parents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles and friends.  Unfortunately, through experience they have become USMWF Members.

Family and friends are able to help support others and the work USMWF does by posting a customized candle (some candle selections are seasonal) or once a month on USMWF's Facebook Page

There are two plans to choose from a year in full at $156.00 or $13.00/Month. 

Just click the donate button below and fill it out.  No PayPal account required.

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The 390* You Help Monthly

390 workers each month lose their lives just providing for their families.  What an alarming rate considering that is 85.9% more than are lost in the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars each in 2014.

Both are tragic however workplace deaths are preventable and workers are not at war!

You can help save lives and/or comfort families during their time of need all while getting a customized candle (some candle selections are seasonal, with your own words) once a month on USMWF's Facebook Page. You will also receive a baseball cap, bumper sticker or lapel pin by donating $39.00/Month or $468.00/Year to USMWF.

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*Under Obama: 75% of Casualties in 13-Year Afghan War; 55 More in 2014 Last Accessed 11/23/2015

The 4,679* You Help Year Round

With your Companies Membership you will be listed in our family Resource sections under:  Attorneys, Scholarships or Safety Resource;  

Each Month your logo will be displayed on our Social Media pages Facebook Page, and Twitter and reaching out to currently approximately 2000 followers ;

One month this year you will be highlighted on USMWF’s home page of their website;

Four times this year you will be highlighted in our weekly Newsletter; and

USMWF will refer your firm to family members in your area.

For just $2,000.00 a year!

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*Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Summary, 2014 Last Accessed 11/23/2015

(All advertising includes, firm’s logo, address, phone number, email address, link to your website and a 3 line overview of what you have to offer. For our social media, newsletter & main page of site advertising you may submit an image.)